Detection Systems

Polar EAS systems use one or more pedestals or antennas configured to create a surveillance zone at exits or checkout lanes. Pedestals can provide visible deterrence while concealed systems offer more discreet protection for upscale retail environments.

Ultra•Max, our premier acousto-magnetic anti-theft technology, offers:

  • False alarm immunity to prevent customer embarrassment
  • High detection rate to protect all kinds of goods from theft
  • Wide-exit coverage offers greater flexibility for entrance/exit layouts
  • Wide range of attractive designs complement any store décor
  • Sophisticated digital controller technology for optimum system performance

Digital Floor-Max® IV

The system’s thin detection antenna is designed for installation below the surface of the floor. The antenna can be installed in most floor types including concrete, wood, and others and is outdoor rated. The Digital Floor-Max IV System is an especially popular anti-shoplifting system for mall stores where aesthetics and performance are primary requirements.

Ultra•Max® AMS-3005

The Ultra Max AMS-3005 is a discreet detection system, designed to meet the needs of the retail environment in the European market. This new loop solution is easy to install due to reduced floor cutting and the integration of the receiver antennas into the self fastening plastic raceway, which is installed directly to the door frame. This system offers up to 2m of detection coverage. The AMS-3005 utilizes the AMS-9033 controller. This controller offers the flexibility of configuring up to two exits.

Ultra•Max® AMS-3004L

The Polar Ultra•Max AMS-3004L EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) system helps preserve retail profits with one of the most discreet and effective antishoplifting solutions available. The Ultra•Max 3004L system simply installs around the doorway and protects exits from .9m to 2.4m (3 - 8ft) wide.

Ultra•Post® 6

Considering the environmental impacts of production and service, is simply good business. Taking environmental responsibility seriously, Tyco Retail Solutions offers the Ultra•Post® 6 a global environmentally responsible system designed with higher efficiencies. The Ultra•Post 6 consumes up to 40% less power right out of the box — than prior Ultra•Post systems — providing energy efficiency without sacrificing performance.
Meeting worldwide safety standards and certified by all applicable regulatory agencies, rest assure the Ultra•Post 6 is safe for both employees and shoppers. Tyco Retail Solutions reduces the complexities of managing your global supply and distribution channels by understanding the importance of delivering a detection system that complies with all applicable safety and regulatory standards.

Ultra•Exit AMS-1130

The Polar Ultra Exit AMS-1130 detection system provides retailers 2.4m of detection coverage between pedestals. The high quality plastic construction and open frame design preserves store aesthetics and maximizes customer flow. This pedestal blends into store openings perfectly while still providing a strong visual deterrent.
At the heart of the AMS-1130 performance is the Ultra•Max® 9050 Controller which represents the most advanced Ultra•Max® platform ever produced. Leading edge DSP and new antenna topology helps ensure continuous superior performance, even under hostile electronic noise conditions.
SmartEAS Options include people counting sensors integrated to the alarm lens and alarm counting.

Ultra•Exit 2M

The Polar Ultra•Exit 2M provides retailers with an aesthetic, high performance Ultra•Max EAS protection over wide exits. Available in three design options including rugged ABS, composite clear panel and high quality acrylic. High quality construction and straight edge form ensures the antenna blends into store openings while still providing a visual deterrent.
Accurate and consistent performance is provided by the Ultra•Max 9050 Controller. This detection platform uses parallel resonance technology, the latest DSP and efficient power management to deliver high level performance and functionality. SmartEAS Options include people counting sensors integrated to the alarm lens and alarm counting.