Hard tags, Deactivators, Soft labels


Polar hard tags are made with best-in-class design practices for exceptional detection performance, durability, ease-of-use, appearance, and defeat resistance. Hard tags are available in a variety of styles for use in protecting apparel of all types from delicate lingerie to coats and hats, as well as hard goods such as sports equipment, hardware, electronics, and others.

Magnetic Mini Square Tag

The Magnetic Mini Square Tag is a versatile shoplifting deterrent for a wide range of products. Its small form factor and simple design secures items without interfering with the shopper experience, merchandising or brand promotion. Compatible with magnetic detachers, this hard tag is a desirable addition to any existing RF EAS system.

Magnetic 5kG Tack Tag

This hard tag provides application versatility for garments and most soft goods. Highly resistant to theft, this tag withstands slamming, crushing, bending and pulling defeat efforts. It is compatible with the Sensor-Ink Mini tag.

Label Deactivators

Ergonomic and easy to use, our deactivators are designed to help retailers maximize cashier efficiency for faster checkout lane throughput. Our innovative detect and deactivate intelligent software enhances productivity while integrated solutions to meet every dimension of a retailers check-out self service environments and match bi-planer scanning speeds. These errors are the main reason for false alarms that can both cause customer embarrassment and disrupt checkouts while store personnel intervene.
Powered or non-powered, our deactivators are available in two basic styles: (1) distance, which emits a field that will deactivate labels at various heights above the unit’s surface, for discreet deactivation; and (2) contact, which requires the label to touch the deactivator pad surface.


Polar labels utilize proven acousto-magnetic technology to provide retailers around the world with the highest in anti-theft protection. These labels feature a small footprint with robust construction for optimal merchandise protection with little impact to product packaging. Available in a variety of formats, there’s a Sensormatic label to meet virtually every needs for in-store application and source tagging at the point of manufacturing.